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General Tools
IntoDNSCheck DNS - especially missing nameservers
DomaintoolsCheck domain active, crawlable, where hosted
Rex Swain's ViewerView redirection, BOMs, chunking, headers.
Web SnifferView source color-coded, spoof User-agents, headers
If-Modified-Since CheckCheck if a server supports If-Modified-Since GETs
CopyscapeSearch for copies on the web
Google SafebrowsingDon't forget to check the networks too
Keyword SuggestionsFrom recent searches
Google KeywordsKeyword suggestions from Google search
Google TrendsCheck viability of search keywords
Search engine markupTelling a search engine what it's really about
robots.txt ValidatorGood robots.txt checker - doesn't like Allow:
HTML ValidatorWDG validator - batch mode does up to 100 pages
HTML ValidatorW3C Validator - source display option
AccessibilityCompliance with Disability Discrimination Act 1995/2005
ReadabilityGunning Fog Index & Flesch-Kincaid
Spider SimulatorSee exactly what the Googlebot sees
Bad NeighbourhoodCheck for links to bad neighbourhoods
Site ExplorerYahoo's Linkfinder
Open Site ExplorerSEOMOZ SEO Tool
Site SummaryMost information in one place
The Internet Wayback MachineIf you've EVER pressed Enter
Web Page AnalyzerReasonable idea of page performance
Google PageSpeedGoogle's idea of page performance
Google AnalyticsAnalytics Overview
Google Webmaster ToolsWebmaster Tools Overview

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