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Pictures of Sheffield

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Sheaf Square Fountain
Sheaf Square Fountain early one June 2009 morning

A Sheffield Gennel at Halfway
Gennels are a way of life in Sheffield - the reason you don't see people
on the streets. This one's up at Halfway (which isn't halfway to anywhere)

City Road,Sheffield
City Road, city-bound. How long before posts and wires become
things our children tell their wondering grandchildren about?

The Sunday Jam at the Woodseats WMC
Jamming on a Sunday, when everyone else has their feet up after a huge dinner
Sheffield is still the music capital of the UK - Liverpool, eat your heart out.

January 2010 - Sheffield Westfield snowed in
Stopped the buses but not the trams.

Sheffield Park Hill Redevelopment
Once reviled council flats - now being refurbished for yuppies
but Sheffield already has too many empty flats.

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