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Agreed Value Classic Insurance for UK Audi ur-quattros
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Directline0845 246 37618000
Footman JamesSee web site4000
Classicline Insurance01455 6390005000
AON01384 5527023000
Diamond Insurance01442 8254815000
Carol Nash0800 298 555510000
Livingstone Warman01935 7062583000
Adrian Flux08700 7778887500
RH01277 2069115000

Note that all the classic car insurers balance their portfolios using their premiums. A given insurer might give a low quote for a certain agreed value one or two years in succession, and then triple or quadruple it for the third year. On that very day, the original quote or something very like it may be available from one of the others. This is simply because they may feel they have too many ur-quattros and not enough E-Types on their books. The golden rule is that no given insurer is always the cheapest and the quote someone else got for a similar car in a similar postcode may not be repeated when you call.

And finally - make sure you notify all convictions.

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