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The following pages are the website of the late Phil Payne, preserved here as they are of great use to owners of the Audi Ur quattro. This is a complete copy of the website taken shortly after Phil's passing. Any contact details found on any of these pages are now obsolete.
You can read Phil's autobigraphy here
I will continue to host these pages, but their physical server location may change, please only bookmark and follow the links from there.

Website Services and Search Engine Optimization

isham research has been on the web since 1993. Services include search engine optimisation, web site repair and resubmission, and keyword choice. isham research also has its own approach to XML sitemaps and handheld, mobile and PDA sites. We work with the best designers.

The Audi ur-quattro

Probably the world's best web site about the Audi ur-quattro with technical data such as wiring diagrams, workshop manuals and lists of parts suppliers.

The Future of the Human Race

What is life without a little philosophy? Including the idea of crashing the ISS into Mars.

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